How to change Xfinity WiFi password?


Yes I know it. When I needed to change it, I discovered telephone number 1 888 275 2174 then I called them and got beneath steps which worked for me.?

(1) Log into the XFINITY My Account application and tap Internet at the base of the home screen to get to the Internet menu page.?

(2) Tap on Change WiFi settings.?

(3) Tap the present system name or watchword, then sort in your data. Once the new system name or secret word has been entered, tap Save.?

(4) You will then observe an affirmation message expressing: "Your passage is being refreshed. This could take a couple of minutes. Bear in mind to refresh this data on any remote gadget that associates with your in-home WiFi."?

Already associated gadgets will go disconnected and should be reconnected utilizing the new WiFi arrange name and secret word. Ensure family and companions utilizing your in-home WiFi system know about the progressions you made with the goal that they can remain associated as well.?

(5) If the demand can't be finished, you will see the message: "We're sad, we were not able finish your demand. Because of a blunder with our frameworks, we can't change your WiFi organize name. You may attempt again or read how to change your WiFi arrange name physically." Select Try again or View manual guidelines.?

For more points of interest go to Change Your WiFi Network Name and Password with the XFINITY My Account App?

In short-?

(1) Make beyond any doubt you are associated with your system. This can be a wired or wireless association.?

(2) Open a program and go to or ? This is the switch's portal and it will?naturally raise a sign in screen.?

(3) Enter username and secret word. Username: administrator Password: secret key. ...

(4) Change your secret word!